Cost of Dental Insurance

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Many people take out dental insurance to give them the piece of mind that, if they were to require dental treatment, funding it will not pose any problems. There are various dental insurance plans available, and some can be organized through your own dentist. Bespoke dental insurance schemes usually require a small monthly fee but the prices for dental insurance coverage within a full medical health insurance package can be considerably more.

There are a number of factors that an insurance company may consider when deciding on the cost of your dental insurance, namely:

  • Age.  The older you are the more likely it is that you will need some form of treatment and as a result you will need to pay higher prices for dental insurance.
  • Previous treatments – Your insurance company will request details of your dental records.  If you have had many treatments in the past, or have impending treatments then it is possible that you will be refused dental insurance, or will have to pay a high premium and therefore more cost. 

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