Types of Dental Insurance Plans

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Dental insurance plans can be broken down into three main categories:

  • Capitation.  This is a monthly plan that covers check ups, X-rays and extractions.  It is only available from dentists who are signed up to the scheme and as a result means that you might be limited in your choice of dentist.  The premium for such a scheme depends upon your oral health and the amount you pay will be subject to a dental examination.  Capitation plans are best for people who need regular treatments.  There are two types of these schemes:
  • Maintenance plans.  These allow for two hygiene examinations, X-rays and two dental examinations per year.  It might also allow you discounts on treatments after an initial signing up fee. 
  • Comprehensive insurance.  Unlimited treatments after you pay a monthly fee.  Again, the cost will depend on your oral health, the worse it is the more you pay.

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