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Aquafresh are a very well known tooth care brand across the UK and US, producing both toothbrushes and toothpaste. They have five different types of toothpaste commercially available – original, whitening, extreme clean, advanced ad iso-active. To increase the breadth of toothpaste available further, these different types have several subtypes so you can choose the toothpaste that best fits your criteria.

The Original Aquafresh range has the following options:

  • Cavity protection – this toothpaste has calcium carbonate in it as a cleaning agent.
  • Extra fresh – has a fresher, minty flavour.
  • Tartar control whitening – Aquafresh claims this toothpaste prevents new tartar build-up.
  • Sensitive maximum strength – claims to target to source of the tooth pain, reduce sensitivity and soothe nerves all whilst gently whitening your teeth.

The Aquafresh Whitening range comprises of two toothpastes:

  • White & Shine – claims to clean and polish your teeth. To give your teeth a smooth finish, it contains micro-buffing particles and this toothpaste also stops new stains forming on your teeth.
  • Ultimate White – research has revealed that micro-fine whitening crystals can make your teeth whiter, so Aquafresh have put them in this toothpaste.

Aquafresh Extreme Clean aims to clean awkward areas using its micro-active foam. It contains micro-polishers and carries a warning that it should not be used in children under the age of 2. There are 4 varieties of this range:

  • Whitening action – contains gentle whiteners.
  • Deep action – has a citrus mint flavour.
  • Freshening action – has a cool mint flavour
  • Polishing action – has a micro-polishing system.

Aquafresh advanced comes in to variations. Each one of these claims, that with regular brushing, the toothpaste can have double the effects of normal Aquafresh toothpaste:

  • Aquafresh Advanced 2X Enamel Strengthening Action – This toothpaste claims to keep minerals inside the tooth while keeping plaque acids out to keep your teeth strong.
  • Aquafresh Advanced 2X Whitening – this toothpaste contains a combination of cleaning agents to give the teeth a more thorough clean whilst strengthening the enamel.

Aquafresh Iso-active (Product of the Year 2011) is a whitening toothpaste that is actually a gel that becomes “active” foam in the mouth. It claims to protect your teeth against cavities as the fluoride acts deep in and around each individual tooth. It is available in three varieties:

  • Fresh Impact
  • Deep impact
  • Lasting impact

Aquafresh have also developed a range of toothpaste of young children. They manufacture one, which they call Training Toothpaste and it’s recommended for use of children aged 3-24 months. This toothpaste has been specially made without fluoride, preservatives or artificial colours. As it is fluoride-free, it is safe for the child to swallow. Once your chid reached 24 month, they can be moved onto the Bubble Mint Paste, which is more effective against cavities and is sold in an attractive, child-friendly container.

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