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There seem to be infinite options when it comes to choosing a toothpaste to suit you and/or your family. The key behind picking the right one is determining what you want from the toothpaste.

Standard Toothpastes

If all you want is standard toothpaste that you can use regularly to keep your teeth and gums healthy, then you should probably look at the more well-known brands that have a good reputation for oral health. Any fluoride toothpaste, when used on a regular basis in a correct manner, should be enough to ensure you maintain your oral health.

Sensitive Toothpastes

If you are searching for a good toothpaste to help relieve the pain caused by sensitive teeth, it may be worth investing in a product that has been manufactured by a brand that specialises in this field. Sensodyne, for example, are a renowned brand for providing their customers with long-term relief. Alternatively, you may choose to go for an even more specialised brand, such as Curasept, if you are aware of the extent of your sensitivity.

You are never short of options when it comes to selecting sensitive toothpaste. Just ensure that you pick one that promotes low (if any) abrasives and has good consumer reviews.

Anticavity with Toothpastes

Almost every toothpaste brand listed provides a product that protects the teeth against cavities. It is probably advisable that in choosing a toothpaste that does so, you should maybe pick an option that contains fluoride. This strengthens the enamel so it is less vulnerable to cavity formation.

Tartar Prevention with Toothpastes

Aquafresh, Colgate and Crest are all big brand names that offer a toothpaste to combat tartar build up. Alternatively, if you would rather a brand that is more specialised in tartar control, you may choose one of those who supply saliva-stimulating toothpastes, such as BioXtra, Weleda or Janina.

Bad Breath & Toothpaste

Toothpastes that tend to be good in controlling bad breath are often those that contain antibacterial as this kills off the bacteria that produce the bad breath-causing acid. Some brands, however, do specialise in controlling breath, such as BreathRx o Euthymol. Alternatively, you can try the more mainstream toothpaste brands, like Colgate and Macleans, who also supply toothpaste that tackles bad breath.

Child Friendly Toothpaste

The key towards choosing a toothpaste that is suitable for your child is to select one that is very low in fluoride (if fluoride is present at all). This is to prevent the child from swallowing the fluoride and being affected with fluorosis. Another thing you may wish to look for in a child-friendly is a mild taste, possibly one with a fruit flavour to make their teeth cleaning experience pleasant.

Toothpaste brands that seem to specialise more in children’s toothpaste include Elmex and Tom’s of Maine. However, many mainstream toothpaste brands also cater for the care of milk teeth until the emergence of permanent ones

Whatever direction you decide to take when it comes to picking a toothpaste for you and/or your family, it is ultimately down to personal preference. If you are truly stuck or are looking for the best product to perform the functions you would like, it may be worth getting the advice of your dentist.

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