Corsodyl Dental Gel

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Corsodyl Dental Gel is unlike other toothpastes as it acts as a gel to specifically target the pain associated with mouth ulcers and unhealthy gums.

How can it be used?

If you suffer from mouth ulcers, you can apply the gel directly to the ulcer to rapidly soothe pain. Alternatively, if you are a wearer of dentures, it can be used as a method to effectively clean them and give them a more comfortable fit.

Also, if you have pain from some sort of gum condition, you can apply the gel directly to the source of pain in an attempt to ease it.

Side Effects of Corsodyl Dental Gel

It is thought that Corsodyl Dental Gel can cause discolouration of the teeth in a temporary basis. The teeth tend to become more yellow in colour due to the workings of the chemical component, chlorhexidine. This discolouration can be eliminated with regular brushing with a normal toothpaste.

Recommended Usage

Corsodyl Dental Gel can serve its use as a toothpaste to try and treat gum problems. If you wish to use Dental Gel as a toothpaste, you should use it daily for between one and two minutes. If after 30 days of using Corsodyl Dental Gel as a toothpaste to soothe gum conditions you notice that the symptoms are still there are affecting you, you should visit a health maintenance professional (either your dentist or doctor).

If, on the other hand, you are applying Corsodyl Dental Gel to mouth ulcers, you should use it regularly. To prevent the ulcer from reappearing, you should continue applying the Dental Gel for 2 days after the ulcer has healed.

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