Go Smile AM Energy Whitening Protection

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Go Smile AM Energy Whitening Protection toothpaste incorporates aromatherapy ingredients with tooth whitening components. Go Smile boast the numerous natural ingredients in their toothpaste to give a fruity flavour as opposed to the generic mint flavour that dominates the toothpaste market.


These natural ingredients included are orange, lemon, lime and peppermint. These are mostly for a refreshing flavour. To aid the whitening power of the toothpaste, Go Smile have added hydrated silica. This acts by removing surface stains off the tooth enamel to make the smile return to being naturally white and bright.


Go Smile AM Energy Whitening Protection toothpaste is very beneficial in terms of whitening. However, it also boasts the advantageous properties commonly sought from a good toothpaste. One of the main advantages it that the toothpaste makes teeth stronger. This increases their resistance to decay so you are protected from cavity formation, tooth decay and the development of sensitivity.

Go Smile has given the refreshing, citrus infused flavour to the toothpaste as they believe it will give you an eye-opening, refreshing wake up in the morning.

Recommended Usage

This toothpaste is appropriate for everyone and should be used every day. Go Smile have a PM toothpaste that you may with to use in the evening instead of this toothpaste due to its different properties that make it more suited to night-time.

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