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Go Smile is a brand that specialises in tooth whitening. Their primary product is not toothpaste, but whitening systems containing the highest amount of peroxide allowed to clean both the enamel and dentine of teeth. They do, however, have a small range of four toothpastes commercially available, which are also whitening. Go Smile products are currently only available in the US.

  • Green Apple Luxury Toothpaste – Like the name of the product says, this is an apple-flavoured toothpaste that aims to whiten teeth with hydrated silica and protect against cavities.
  • Lemonade Smile Luxury Toothpaste – This product is merely a flavour variation of the one above. However, this one is advertised more towards children.
  • PM “Tranquility” Luxury Toothpaste – This promoted use of this product is slightly different to most other toothpastes on the market. It is recommended primarily for use at night to removed food and drink stains obtained throughout the day while whitening your teeth. The ingredients of this, somewhat unique toothpaste, include lavender, chamomile and vanilla to sooth you in preparation for a relaxing nights sleep.
  • AM “Energy” Luxury Toothpaste – Designed for use in conjunction with the PM “Tranquility” toothpaste and they can be purchased as a set. As opposed to the more calm extra ingredients of the PM toothpaste, this one contains citrus fruits and peppermint to “energise” you. It is also formulated to remove surface stains.

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Guide to Go Smile Toothpastes