Cost of Laser Stretch Mark Removal

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As laser stretch mark removal classes as a cosmetic surgery, it will not be covered by the NHS and you will have to pay privately for the treatment. Therefore the cost of the treatment may be quite expensive and will depend upon a number of factors.

Firstly, it depends how many sessions of treatment you require. In the UK, one session will cost around £150 and six sessions costing around £700. However, these numbers vary depending upon the size of the area that needs the treatment.  For instance, an area that measures 10cm by 10cm may cost up to £250 a session. Therefore, the cost of laser stretch mark removal can vary dramatically based on the area and the number of treatments.

The cost may also vary from clinic to clinic so it is a good idea to research different qualified clinics in your area to find the best price. Some increase the price depending upon the quality of the practitioner so it is also a good idea to research the qualifications of the doctor that will carry out the procedure. It is not worthwhile to pay a low amount if it means that the procedure will not be carried out properly and you may end up with an area that looks worse than it did before treatment.

The cost of treatment may also vary depending on the type of laser used. Some lasers use different methods to combat the stretch marks and some may be more expensive to use than others so this may contribute to the overall price of your treatment.

Laser stretch mark removal under the NHS

The NHS does not support cosmetic surgeries unless there is a valid medical reason for the procedure. Therefore, laser stretch mark removal will not be covered by the NHS and you will have to pay privately. They will only perform the procedure if you can prove the medical reason for the stretch mark removal. For instance, if you have had a surgery under the NHS that has caused the stretch marks, the NHS may consider your case and may offer you treatment for the stretch marks that their surgery caused. However, cases like this are rare and it is generally accepted that the NHS will not cover laser stretch mark removal.

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