Can Lasers Remove All Types of Stretch Marks?

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Lasers work by a certain mechanism, which can be applied to the majority of stretch marks. However, it is important to understand that whilst lasers can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, they cannot remove their presence entirely. The only treatment that can do so it a tummy tuck and this only applies to the abdomen. Therefore, no treatment can remove all types of stretch marks but laser stretch mark removal can greatly enhance the appearance of many types of stretch marks.

The idea of laser technology is that it can be applied to the stretch mark and accelerate its healing process. When stretch marks are red, purple or brown, they are relatively new and have not healed fully. The laser can act upon this area and break up the blood vessels so that they do not appear on the surface of the skin. It can also stimulate the skin to produce collagen so that you have more structural integrity  and therefore your skin will heal faster and return to its original shape.

Laser removal can be carried out on any stretch mark that is still red, regardless of the area in which it appears. The procedure will reduce the colour of the stretch marks so that they fade and become much less noticeable. It can also be carried out on older stretch marks that are white but the results are much less dramatic. Laser stretch mark removal will greatly reduce their appearance and in some cases you will barely be able to see the mark at all. However, it is not guaranteed to fully remove the stretch marks so they may be just noticeable at close quarters.

Finally, it does not matter about the size, shape or number of stretch marks that you want removed. The laser can target individual stretch marks and you can have any mark removed. The amount that you have removed will affect the cost of the stretch mark removal procedure and you may need multiple sessions depending on the size and severity of the stretch mark. Studies have also shown that removal of stretch marks is less effective on darker skin than lighter skin so you need to talk the procedure through with your doctor to ensure they will use the laser that will provide the best results.

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