Laser Stretch Mark Removal Procedure

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Laser stretch mark removal is a relatively quick procedure that has little recovery time and very little pain associated with it. You will not be given a general anaesthetic so you will be awake throughout the procedure but you should only experience a minimal amount of pain and discomfort. If you are unsure about the procedure, make sure you consult with your doctor who can fully explain what to expect from laser stretch mark removal.

When you arrive for your procedure, the area will be cleaned and a medical practitioner may opt to apply some anaesthetic cream to the area.  A laser device will then be passed over the surface of the skin. The laser will emit a beam that pulses through the skin and acts upon the blood vessels.  It creates tiny holes in the layers of the skin so that the skin is stimulated to act in a healing manner. During this process, the blood vessels will repair themselves and thus the red colour will gradually disappear from the mark. The skin is also stimulated to produce collagen so that the tear in the skin has more structural integrity.

The feeling of the laser has been described as being hit with an elastic band. It is a twanging on the surface of the skin that is not unbearable but may cause some discomfort. The area may become red and swollen and spots of blood may appear as the laser continues to penetrate the skin. The whole procedure should take around thirty minutes, depending on the area that is being treated.

You may need around 4-6 treatments to ensure that you get the maximum results possible but the results should start to become noticeable after two treatments. The skin should be kept clean to reduce any risk of infection and you need to wait approximately one month before you have another treatment in that area to allow for the skin to heal fully. Once the area has been cleaned, you are free to leave and can continue with your daily activities. However, you are advised that you should refrain from strenuous activity after your procedure so that you do not interfere with the results.

The area may remain red and swollen for a short period after the laser removal. This should have disappeared within a week but if it hasn’t you will need to consult your doctor.  You will need to attend a follow up appointment so that your doctor can assess the area and look at the results following the procedure and decide on how much further treatment you require.

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