Side Effects of Laser Stretch Mark Removal

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It is unlikely that you will experience many side effects following laser stretch mark removal for it is rare for side effects to occur. However, as with all medical procedures there is a chance that you may experience some side effects following laser stretch mark removal.

Directly after the procedure, the skin may be red and swelling may occur. This is simply because the laser has penetrated the skin and caused microscopic holes in the layers of the dermis so it is your body’s reaction to the break in the skin. The holes created are not detrimental but actually stimulate the skin to heal and thus accelerate the healing of the stretch mark. You may also experience some itching on the skin as a result of the inflammation. Your skin may also have a burning sensation for a short time after the procedure but this should disappear relatively quickly. If the burning sensation persists for days contact your doctor.

There is a chance that the skin will blister under the laser. This will obviously cause more pain than is usually associated with laser stretch mark removal and there is a chance of infection for the blisters may allow bacteria to enter the body and the area will become infected. However, the chance of this is rare and you will be given cooling ointment to apply to the skin to deal with any side effects to ensure that your level of discomfort is kept at a minimum.

Risks of laser stretch mark removal

There are barely any risks associated with laser stretch mark removal. You do have the risk of any side effects that are mentioned above and there is the possibility of infection following the procedure.  You may also get discolouration of the skin. This is a more common risk on darker skin tones and this can be permanent. Also, if blisters occur, they may lead to scarring of the area and damage to tissue layers can contribute to scarring and discolouration of the area.

There is also always a chance that the treatment will not be successful. This could be for a number of reasons but laser surgery was not designed to repair tissue, it was designed to break up tissue and therefore its success rate may be limited in some cases.

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