Results of Laser Stretch Mark Removal

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The majority of people that opt for laser stretch mark removal are genuinely pleased with the results. The procedure will not remove the stretch mark entirely but it will reduce its appearance so that it is barely noticeable on the skin. The most dramatic changes are shown when red stretch marks receive the treatment for the colour is changed to a white streak which is much more subtle than the angry red lines associated with stretch marks.

You will need around 4-6 treatments to get the maximum results offered from laser stretch mark removal but  you should notice a difference in your stretch marks from the second treatment. You can see that the treatment is working because the colour of the stretch mark will change and you will notice that they may shrink in size. You may not notice the results directly after the treatment for they may be obscured by swelling or redness caused by the laser. This should subside in a relatively short amount of time and the results should be obvious. If you have finished your course of treatment and are not entirely satisfied with the results, talk to your doctor about further treatment or other possibilities.

The result will depend upon a number of factors. If you are having a large area or multiple areas of treatment, you may need more treatments to ensure success. Also it will depend on the stage of the stretch mark for if the stretch mark is already old and white, the reduction of the stretch mark will be less noticeable than treatment of a red stretch mark. If you have a large area of red stretch marks, the results are more obvious because they will essentially be reduced to smaller white lines that are not noticeable to the eye upon first glance.

The results of stretch mark removal also depend on the skin tone of the patient. Darker skin contains more melanin and this can interfere with the function of the laser by absorbing the wavelengths so that they cannot act upon the skin to remove the broken blood vessels and stimulate the skin to heal and produce collagen. Therefore, the results are not as successful on darker skin and the skin is more prone to scarring. New lasers are constantly being developed with longer lasers so that there is more success in removing stretch marks on darker tones of skin.

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