Other Treatments for Stretch Marks

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Aside from laser stretch mark removal, there are a few other treatments that have been developed in order to combat stretch marks. Some are more drastic than laser removal whilst others are a cheaper approach that you can carry out yourself.  

Cosmetic surgery

You can have surgery to remove unwanted stretch marks but this is a very drastic measure compared to laser stretch mark removal and more expensive. If you visit the doctor they will rarely recommend surgery to remove stretch marks as there is a higher risk of infection, longer recovery time and you get good results with laser stretch mark removal. However, it will guarantee the removal of stretch marks from the abdomen.

The procedure that is usually carried out is a tummy tuck and this is also done to remove excess weight. You would be given a general anaesthetic for the procedure and they would remove excess skin from the abdomen to make the area tighter. The skin they remove in the case of stretch mark removal would be the skin that has the stretch marks on it and therefore they will get rid of stretch marks that appear on the stomach if feasible.

It is a quick solution to removal of stretch marks for it only requires one surgery but your recovery time will be much longer. You would have to stay in hospital until you were stable enough to be sent home and then it would be painful, as the wound would take weeks to heal. You would need to take time off from work and would not be able to partake in your usual daily activities. Therefore, although quicker in terms of the amount of procedures needed, there is a longer recovery time and hence laser stretch mark removal is a lot easier as it is less painful and you can go home straight after a procedure.

There is also a higher risk of infection for the procedure is much more invasive than laser stretch mark removal. They are cutting into your stomach and removing skin, which is drastically different to passing a laser over the surface of your stretch marks. It is also a more expensive option and will not be funded for by the NHS.

Creams and lotions

A solution to stretch marks that is a lot less drastic than both surgery or laser stretch mark removal is the application of creams and lotions. However, their success rate is lower than the two treatments previously mentioned. Many products have been developed that can be applied to the skin to remove red/purple stretch marks. However, reports suggest that such creams and lotions rarely have an effect and will not give the guaranteed result, which you can expect from laser stretch mark removal. However, they are a lot cheaper than the surgical procedures so if you are unsure it may be worth trying the creams and lotions to see if you have any success.

Creams such as Trilastin-SR, Marksplex and Apothederm are just a few creams that are currently on the market that claim to have an effect on stretch marks. The best thing to do if you opt for this form of treatment is to read reviews about each of the products to gain an overview on the most successful cream produced so that you don’t waste your time and money on a product that doesn’t work.

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