CFast Treatment Stages

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The first stage of treatment is consultation and planning; once you have had your consultation and discussed the treatment with your dentist, they will start to plan your treatment, drawing up your individual treatment plan and ordering your braces. Your dentist can use advanced software to show you the kind of results you can expect once your braces have been removed.

Fitting the braces

When your braces are ready, your dentist will contact you to make an appointment to fit your braces at a time that is convenient to you. Fitting the braces is not painful; your dentist will bond each bracket onto your teeth and then thread the arch-wire through. Once your braces are securely in place, your dentist will chat to you about oral hygiene and keeping your braces clean, pain relief and eating with your braces. For the first couple of days, it is best to stick to soft foods; if you have any discomfort, you can take over the counter painkillers, but make sure you follow instructions regarding the dosage.

Follow-up appointments

During your treatment, your dentist will schedule brief checks to see how you are getting on and check your progress; if you have any questions or problems between appointments, don’t hesitate to give your dentist a call.

Removing the braces

When your dentist is completely satisfied that you have finished your treatment and your teeth have moved sufficiently, they will remove the braces. This involves gently taking the brackets off one by one. After your braces have been removed, your dentist will clean and polish your teeth and then show you your brand new smile in the mirror.

Wearing a retainer

All patients are advised to wear a retainer following orthodontic treatment and this is a very important stage of treatment. When you have had your braces removed, your dentist will discuss how and when to use your retainer with you. You will be advised to visit your dentist regularly to keep an eye on your teeth and monitor your oral health.

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