How long CFast takes

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One of the main advantages of CFast is the speed of treatment. In the past, it was common to wear braces for at least 12 months; however, today, braces are much faster and with CFast, you can enjoy an incredible smile in just 6 months.

The exact treatment time will depend on the severity of your orthodontic prescription and how much movement is required. In mild cases, treatment may only take up to 16 weeks; in slightly more complex cases, treatment will usually be complete within 6 months.

Your dentist will talk to you about treatment time during your consultation; often, they will be able to give you a very accurate prediction at this stage; however, the expected time may alter very slightly during your treatment and your dentist will adjust it in line with your progress and how well your teeth are responding to your braces.

After treatment, you will need to wear a retainer; often, people wear a retainer for life; this may involve wearing a fixed retainer, which is bonded to the back of the teeth, or a removable retainer, which is worn for a period of time each day.

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