Dental Public Health

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This is a specialist form of dentistry focusing on the spread of oral disease, promoting oral health and providing the public with dental information.  Dental public health workers’ role is to care for the community and try to improve the health of an area rather than the role of a dentist which is to treat the individual.  They aim to educate people in hygiene and oral disease and help to promote dental health through looking at societal and behavioural factors. 

Dental Public Health Specialist Role

Every region will have a Dental Public Health specialist, and their role is to integrate dental care into the region so that the population can be given appropriate care.  Often they will be a part of academia, working within a university or college and will teach their skills as a part of the students overall course.   A dental Public Health specialist ought to:

  • Assess the dental needs of their community
  • Develop oral health policies
  • Provide services/campaigns and information to help promote good dental health

Dental Public Health Specialist – Qualifications & Training

Dental Public Health Specialists will hold an Msc in Dental public health, or some other form of post-graduate certificate of the same standard.  They will work with the NHS and with local privately run clinics to carry out projects based within a Health Authority to work towards their desired job role.


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