Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology Specialists

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Dental and Maxillofacial radiology is a specialist field of dentistry which mainly focuses on operating, interpreting and understanding the diagnostic imaging which is used throughout dentistry and a number of other health care professions to discern issues with the face, neck and oral structures.

Roles of a Dental & Maxillofacial Radiologist

Many Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology specialists tend to work in dental schools or hospitals. Here they will play a role in diagnosing disorders of the head and neck areas by using advanced imaging techniques to provide a detailed survey of these areas. Some of the imaging techniques used include Ultrasound scanning, CT and MRI.

Qualifications of a Dental & Maxillofacial Radiologist 

  • A minimum of two years general professional training
  • Three years of Postgraduate training
  • Diploma in Dental Radiology
  • Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST) which enables trainees to be listed on specialist register

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