Special Care Dentistry

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Special Care Dentistry is a relatively new specialist field first introduced in 2008. It focuses on providing care to individuals or groups who have a sensory, mental, intellectual, emotional or social disability or condition. This kind of specialist care ensures that patients with special requirements are provided with the correct treatment whilst the difficulties posed by their condition are taken into account. The majority of Special Care Dentistry specialists hold posts in dental services such as the community dental service or personal dental service.

Treatments in Special Care Dentistry

Special Care Dentistry specialists are able to carry out most of the procedures normally performed by GDP's. In addition to this, they will also have undergone specialist training to enable them to treat patients with impairments, disability or problematic medical conditions.

Qualifications of a Special Care Dentist

Due to the fact that the specialist list in Special Care dentistry has only been introduced recently, registered dentists can apply to be listed without having a CCST. However, they will be selected based on their speciality training, experience and qualifications. For instance, a dentist who already holds a consultant post in Special Care Dentistry can apply to be included onto the list as can a dentist who has undergone the relevant postgraduate training and has the necessary qualifications and experience to apply. From September 2010 however, dentists wishing to be listed will need to have achieved a CCST before they are eligible for a specialist status in Special Care Dentistry.

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