Clinomyn Clean and Polish

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Clinomyn Clean and Polish toothpaste has a triple action system to clean teeth thoroughly whilst breaking down plaque and fighting bacteria. This toothpaste contains fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and preventing the formation of cavities and painful tooth decay.

Particles have been added by Clinomyn into their Clean and Polish toothpaste that act as described by the name – the clean and polish teeth. The effect of this is the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums and a clean feeling that lasts throughout the day.

Who is this toothpaste suitable for?

This toothpaste is generally suitable for everyone. If you are looking for amore specifically designed toothpaste that serves a certain purpose, such as whitening or tartar control, then you should maybe consider a more specialised toothpaste as Clean and Polish is more a general purpose toothpaste.

It is a good toothpaste for those who seek overall good oral health along with a clean and polished smile. Also, its minty flavour can protect against halitosis (bad breath), which a common problem for many people.

Recommended usage

This toothpaste should be used as a replacement of your standard toothpaste. It should be incorporated into your normal oral health maintenance routine, which should include brushing with the toothpaste twice everyday – morning and night.

As this toothpaste contains fluoride, if it is being used to clean a child’s teeth, only a rather small amount should be put onto the toothbrush. Also, the tooth brushing should be supervised by an adult to prevent the child from swallowing the foam as this can lead to specks forming on milk teeth, known as fluorosis.

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