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Clinomyn has also developed a toothpaste that is specifically designed for use by those who smoke on a regular basis and suffer from sensitive teeth. This is a common problem among those who smoke regularly, therefore it is deemed rather important to address effectively.

This toothpaste allows its consumers to battle against the results of smoking, such as the tooth discolouration and bad breath, whilst protecting against pain caused by sensitive teeth. This multi-action makes this a very popular toothpaste among smokers.

This toothpaste still contains the calcium carbonate, included in regular Clinomyn Smokers toothpaste, so that surface stains can be removed effectively and teeth can return to their natural white colour. This can give your smile a brighter, whiter and more youthful appearance.

A further advantage to Clinomyn Smokers Sensitive is that it is useful in fighting against cavity formation and tartar build up. The build up of tartar can cause further problems, such as gum infection, which can be painful and uncomfortable for the sufferer.

Who is this toothpaste suitable for?

This toothpaste is definitely recommended for those who smoke on a regular basis and as a result suffer from discolouration, bad breath and/or sensitive teeth. This toothpaste is effective at combatting all three problems whilst still serving to clean the mouth thoroughly and protect against other oral health problems, such as plaque and cavities.

Recommended Usage

Clinomyn Sensitive Smokers is recommended to replace your regular toothpaste in your oral health routine. It should be used twice each day – morning and night – to achieve the optimum results. This toothpaste is not designed for a “quick fix” and so you should continue to use this toothpaste over a long period of time to maintain the benefits.

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