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Clinomyn Smokers is a toothpaste that has be specifically designed for use by smokers and it has been approved for this purpose by the British Dental Health Foundation. Its effectiveness can be supported by the fact that in the UK, this is the best-selling toothpaste for smokers.

How is it designed for smokers?

Clinomyn Smokers toothpaste has been developed to tackle oral issues that are common among those who smoke regularly.

One of the problems associated with regularly smoking is stained teeth due to nicotine. This can cause discolouration, which can cause the smile to look older and unattractive. Clinomyn Smokers contains the ingredient calcium carbonate to break down and remove the stains that have formed. To further improve the appearance of the teeth, Clinomyn have also added Polynam. This ingredient acts by cleaning and polishing the teeth after the calcium carbonate has removed the stains.

To remove these stains effectively, this toothpaste is mildly abrasive. However, Clinomyn have followed the guidelines that important International Dental Associations have put in place. This ensures that the abrasives included do not damage or wear down the tooth enamel.

Clinomyn Smoker toothpaste also has a minty flavour. This is useful in fighting against the stale smoke smell that can linger on many smokers’ breaths.

Who is this toothpaste suitable for?

This toothpaste is recommended by the British Dental Health foundation for use by smokers who wish to eliminate the stains that have developed due to the intake of nicotine and freshen their breath.

This toothpaste is not, however, promoting the habit of smoking. Instead, it is just providing those who do or have done in the past, with a way to improve the appearance of their smile. This can boost self-confidence and give the person a more youthful appearance.

Recommended Usage

Clinomyn Smokers toothpaste should be used every morning and night to achieve the desired results. To maintain the whiter looking teeth and fresh breath in the long term, it could be recommended that one quit smoking to prevent further staining. If this is not an option you would like to consider, this toothpaste may just be used for as long as you smoke.

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