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The majority of private clinics within the UK will offer you a free consultation, where you will be given the chance to ask any questions and voice any concerns you may have. It is quite often hard to think about what answers you might want to know other than the obvious results, here are a few examples of what you might include:

  • How much experience have you had with tattoo removal?
  • What results should I expect from each method?
  • Can you produce the results I require or am I not being realistic enough?
  • Where will my treatment be carried out?
  • How many sessions will I require, and how long will they take?
  • Have you had experience with any qualifications? If so, what might you do to ensure this risk is reduced or dealt with efficiently?
  • If anything is to go wrong, will the cost of further surgery/treatment be covered?
  • What qualifications and experience have your team had?
  • How up to date are your methods – do you go on regular training courses?
  • Can I see past results from your procedures (pictures etc..)
  • How much pain should I associate with the procedure?
  • How effective do you think tattoo removal will be for me?

You should compile a list of questions which you feel appropriate and take this with you to the consultation. This will ensure that you do not leave anything out and that you are able to find a clinician/surgeon/dermatologist who you feel is highly qualified and who will provide you with a high quality result as well as surgery.

Qualifications of the dermatologist or surgeon

You may find that this procedure can be completed by either a surgeon or a specialist dermatologist; therefore you should understand what qualifications are required from them so that your treatment is safe and professional.  Many people who remove tattoos will of course be highly trained in dermatology whilst specialising in the area of tattoo removal, this will mean that they have studied for a degree or alternative qualification for a number of years.  If the surgeon has not been trained within the UK or you are going abroad for surgery you should research into where they had been trained. You should then determine what qualifications are needed for that particular surgeon to perform your treatment.

Laser tattoo removal can be carried out by clinicians that have undergone specific training and the clinic must be registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Finding Clinics

Ensuring that you choose the correct clinic is essential for your procedure, results and recovery period. You should also ensure that when researching a clinic you consider the team, who work there, and their past results as well as their qualifications, and their past history when dealing with complications. You should ask if you can look around the clinic or see the room/area you may be treated in. If you are satisfied with the professional feel and look of the clinic you should consider whether you yourself will be comfortable with you treatment being held there. As of course you will be undergoing the surgery/laser treatment you should ensure that you are comfortable with the clinic and the medical team, this will over time ensure the best quality of service and results.

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