Does Surgical Removal of a Tattoo Hurt?

The honest answer is yes, these type of procedures are used fairly reluctantly due to the pain they can cause, however you will receive an injection which will numb the area during the procedure, but the healing process can be just as painful. Everyone’s pain threshold is different so the pain will vary from person to person, as well as from tattoo to tattoo, therefore you should discuss the amount of sessions needed during your consultation – this may determine as to how long the pain might last.


This method is carried out whilst the area is numbed so during the actual procedure you may feel little or nothing, however due to the nature that skin is to be removed it will bring certain amounts of pain with it whilst the stitched skin heals.


The area to be sanded will be numbed by a freezing agent, which similar to the excision method will make the area numb, however the nature of this method is that the skin is to be sanded down – this will of course bring with it some bleeding and a relative amount of soreness. The area will be tender and may sting for a while following the procedure.

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