How to Cover Up a Tattoo

If it’s just a type of cover up you are interested in rather than looking into different types of procedures to remove that unwanted tattoo, then there are many ideas for you to consider. Some might consider covering up an unwanted tattoo with a newer tattoo on top, these can usually deliver different results, and will of course increase the scale of the existing tattoo. This is usually quite a popular choice however as it can usually be done in one sitting, and many tattoo artists can incorporate that original tattoo into a different design. You should consider however if by doing this it will eliminate the feeling you have for the original tattoo, as some may still associate the feeling with the new tattoo if it is a still a constant reminder of what the old tattoo represented. You should as well be sure to visit a tattoo artist who is experienced in cover up tattoos as it will be difficult to achieve a good result from another cover up tattoo if you are unhappy with the result. On the market there are a number of products which are effective types of make-up which will work at temporarily covering the tattoo, these types of products are often used when people need to attend a specific event where a tattoo on show just might not be acceptable. There are a range of products which call themselves types of camouflage, and they range in prices from as little as £10.00 for certain products, whereas other products may be slightly more expensive, and you may have to buy brushes and base colours separately. It will be worth researching a number of products and perhaps looking at reviews, you may also be able to visit specific health and beauty retailers who will offer you a free try before you by type of service. Usually these products can be applied with your fingertips, or with specific brushes, which will sometimes be included with the product. It is easy to do yourself and the products will come with specific instructions determining how the product is to be used. Most products will offer a result lasting all day and even offering waterproof coverage, which will of course be appealing if a strong result which won’t fade is required. Some people have also found it easy to use everyday make-up items to hide a tattoo again this will depend on the age, size and colour of the tattoo, but you may be able to achieve this by using a mixture of concealer, powder and liquid foundation together in that order, it is perhaps best to have a trial and error session with these products and consider whether the outcome you get is successful.

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