Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe?

In general this type of treatment is considered safe, however it isn’t without it’s caveats which you should consider. Many people may find the procedure painful, due to the number of sessions required as well as the type of feeling the lasers create, again this will depend on every individuals’ pain threshold, and some may just find the experience uncomfortable. As the area heals following each session you may find that the skin appears to look like it has been burned, so it will appear red, swollen and tender, it may also develop blisters and scabs which at all times should be left to disappear alone. If you are following advice and keeping the area clean you will reduce the risk of infection on that specific area, as infection can occur whilst the treated area is healing.  There are specific side effects which may appear on certain individuals these are: areas of darkened skin may develop, and is usually more common in darker skin tones, this reaction is referred to as Hyperpigmentation and will disappear on its own however you can assist the disappearance of it with specific creams found on the market. The second reaction associated with laser tattoo removal is where pale patches of skin are found, and this is usually due to a loss in your natural skin colour, this usually occurs where the laser has removed your natural skin tone. This is referred to as Hypopogmentation, and it can take anywhere from weeks to years for your skin to return to its natural tone, and in some cases it may never return to match the surrounding skin. This condition is usually found more in individuals with a darker skin tone, or with individuals who have required a significant number of treatments. You may also experience scarring, it is however at a low risk with this type of procedure, but many factors can influence the appearance of scars. These can range from the type of scabs which are formed, and whether the individual develops infections or anything following the procedure, everyone’s skin is different and will therefore react in different ways, there are however a number of products on the market which will decrease the appearance of scars, and they are often proved to be effective. The treatment itself is considered safe if you attend a fully qualified session, within a fully qualified clinic with fully qualified staff.

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