Scars from Tattoo Removal

As with most aspects of tattoo removal it is necessary to consider a number of factors when considering the likeliness of scarring following any type of removal process. It will be necessary to consider the age, colour and size of your tattoo, this will possibly define the number of sessions you will need and will therefore offer up an idea of how likely you are to end up with significant scarring.  Scarring obviously will appear differently on every person, as each person’s skin is unique and will have its own reaction to the type of treatment you undergo. As with every type of surgery it is of utmost importance that you consider advice given to you by your clinician and that you follow the advice. You will be responsible for keeping the area which is being treated, clean and bandaged; this will of course reduce the risk of infection which might lead again to scarring. During the healing process the area being treated may well blister and scab over, it is again important that you leave these to disappear by themselves and that you do not interfere with the healing process as this will reduce the outcome of scarring. If however you do suffer from significant or little scarring you may well wish to apply types of creams which will reduce the appearance, these creams can be applied during the healing process, and will of course assist with the healing process as well. You may also be able to apply specific creams prior to our treatment which will prepare the skin and reduce the scarring. With laser surgery as the method uses heat the surrounding areas of skin are also heated which will reduce the likelihood of scarring. There are many preventative measures you can take to reduce the appearance of these scars, but you should consider that with any type of tattoo removal there is a risk of scarring, but there are measures you can take to reduce the severity of those scars. If you have had to undergo surgical methods of tattoo removal rather than laser removal then your scarring will be highly more likely, as these methods often damage the skin and require stitching for the skin to heal you will of course be at more of a risk of scars which are quite obvious, but again you will be able to use scar reduction creams. Often however, the individual who has had the tattoo removed much prefers slight scarring as oppose to their original unwanted tattoo.

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