Surgical Tattoo Removal

Surgical tattoo removal is not as common as it used to be as it is often associated with a lot more pain than any of the other methods, however if for some reason you are unable to go ahead with laser tattoo removal then it is perhaps necessary to consider other types of methods, for example excision and dermabrasion of an unwanted tattoo. These methods range in price and may require numerous sessions.


This method is where the tattoo is removed from the skin by being ‘cut’ out, and the skin will then be sewn back together over the removed area. This process is usually for the removal of smaller tattoos, but can be used in larger instances if needed. The prices will range with reference to how many sessions you will need to remove the whole tattoo – usually for this method for smaller tattoos prices of around £100 will apply and for larger tattoos you may be looking at a few thousands.


This method requires a ‘sanding’ down of the skin which will eventually eliminate the tattoo, again you will need a number of sessions depending on the type of tattoo, as well as how far down the ink has penetrated the skin. You will of course require various sessions depending on this and you could be looking at paying between £1000 and £5000.

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