Do Tattoo Removal Creams Work?

Rejuvi injections have over recent years been considered as more successful than laser surgery, and as the procedure offers less pain it is increasingly becoming much more popular.  You will again need multiple sessions for your tattoo to be removed completely, and even still some specific inks may not disappear as easily as others. Other creams which are to be applied several times a day are often considered to bring results, but many people forget to apply the cream, or do not apply it correctly and this can influence results. If however specific creams are applied regularly and correctly after around 6 months (sometimes linger) the appearance of the tattoo will usually have faded. Many manufacturers of these creams offer a ‘your money back guarantee’ if a customer is not happy with the product, and this is perhaps a valuable thing to consider when you are looking at the cream you are interested in. There are however many doctors and associations who point out that it is impossible for a cream to eliminate a tattoo, and there is no scientific evidence which proves that creams work - however many customer reviews point out that their cream has worked, it is something to consider, and perhaps choosing a cream which offers a money back policy might be a wise idea. You may also find that if the cream does work, as with many tattoo removal procedures many factors will influence your results – including age, size and colour of the tattoo, some individuals may find that their tattoo fades significantly but not all evidence is eliminated.

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