Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal

With tattoo removal procedures there is a highly unlikely chance that you will be able to have the sessions covered by the NHS. Only with certain circumstances may this be available – usually you will need to prove that the tattoo you wish to remove is in some way affecting your life in a more personal manner other than it just affecting your appearance. You may need to provide evidence that it is causing you excess stress, or depression and your case may be considered. For information on whether or not you would qualify for NHS coverage then you should visit your GP and present all of your evidence which you feel may support your case. If you are sure that the NHS isn’t an option then you will need to consider private clinics, there are various clinics within the UK who offer this type of treatment, and this can sometimes be confusing. The average price that you will be looking to pay per session will usually depend of course on the type of tattoo you have, as well as what types of colours have been used in the tattoo. You will of course need to attend an initial consultation where you will be quoted an estimate of how many sessions you may need as well as what type of price range you are looking at, you may need to undergo a test patch on your skin so that the professional can gain a bigger understanding of how your skin will react, these initial consultations are usually chargeable and can cost between £25 and £50. Once your tattoo has been evaluated you may be quoted prices ranging between £50 and £300 per session, this again will depend on the scale of the tattoo as well as the ink used and the colour. If your tattoo has multiple colours running through it you may be looking at a few thousand pounds for effective removal, and if your tattoo is mainly black then your treatment will be slightly cheaper perhaps a few several hundred pounds will be a realistic price to consider.

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