Side Effects & Risks of Surgical Tattoo Removal

The surgical method brings with it a significant amount of pain and also offers a higher risk of scarring, this is due to the methods used and the fact that your skin will be damaged during the procedures, scarring will often be unavoidable with these types of methods. You may also find that due to the procedure anaesthetic is needed and there is always a chance that your body may have a reaction to this anaesthetic, this will of course be dealt with should it happen – and may be avoided if you are able to provide your surgeon with a full medical history, so that they are aware of any risks. You may find that following excision and dermabrasion that the skin may become irritated while scabs appear and the skin itself heals, this should at all times not be itched and the area should be kept clean to reduce any risk of infection. You should also ensure that you do not pick any scabs or blisters during the healing process as it can increase the risk of scarring as well as increase your healing time. It is worth remembering that if you have ensured that the clinic you attend is fully qualified and experienced then generally your surgical tattoo removal procedure will be very safe, it is however unfortunate that in some instances side effects may develop which can cause pain and discomfort. If you follow advice and keep the area clean and give yourself time to relax then throughout you will remain safe.

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