Private Tattoo Removal

The most common way for tattoo removal to be completed is to seek private treatment, this is often because the reasoning behind the removal is more physical than mental or health associated. There are many private clinics across the UK that provides various tattoo removal methods. You will find that prices vary from clinic to clinic, as well as varying depending on the size and type of tattoo. In addition private clinics will offer a range of prices depending on which method of tattoo removal you choose.

Cost of treatment

The price of tattoo removal will vary depending on what method you choose, as well as what type of tattoo you have. The cost for laser removal will usually be between £50 and £300 per session for smaller scale tattoos and can reach as much as £500 per session for tattoos on a larger scale. Therefore you should discuss how many sessions your surgeon/clinician recommends that you have, this will help you to estimate the overall price of the process. For example if you have a larger scale tattoo with various colourings you may need several sessions which could incur costs of over £2,000 for example the length of sessions as well as the number of sessions will add up to various different prices, many clinics offer 15 minute sessions for around £55 a time. If you choose tattoo removal cream, depending again on the size of the tattoo and the type of cream you use the price will vary, for example Wrecking Balm will usually range in price from £50 for enough to last 3 months to £140 for 9 months worth of the balm. If you are considering surgical removal you will have to take into account the size of the tattoo as prices will differ from as little as £100 to well over a few thousand. Another type of tattoo removal, dermabrasion tattoo removal, can range between one thousand to several thousands.  If you are looking at intense pulsed light therapy sessions you will usually be expected to pay around £10 per pulse. If it’s not surgery or laser treatment which appeals to you there are alternative methods such as creams and tattoo cover ups on the market, these can range in price from as little as £30 to as much as £70. You may also look at tattoo erasing sessions these usually cost between £70 and £80 per session; each session is usually around 15 minutes in length.


As you can see there are numerous price ranges associated with tattoo removal the cost you pay depends on of course:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • The type of ink used
  • The quality of the tattoo
  • The age of the tattoo
  • The method you choose
  • How many sessions you will require

The best way to get a more precise cost estimate for your surgery is to attend a consultation at a clinic here you will be provided with realistic advice on how many sessions you might require, along with what method would be best for you. Once you have found this information out it will be beneficial that you research as thoroughly as possible into various clinics and their price ranges, as well as the quality they provide with their service and procedures, this will ensure that you get the best price and quality around.

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