Tattoo Removal on the NHS

It is necessary to consider that in some instances the National Health Service may cover the cost of a tattoo removal. You will be required however to provide specific evidence that the tattoo is effecting your quality of life. You should also consider that if the NHS is to consider your case you may be placed on an exceptionally long waiting this, which is often affected by lack of funding as well as the amount of consideration your case, might need when applying for funding.

What evidence might I need?

With the NHS you will need to offer strict evidence which proves that your tattoo is affecting your life. This means that if you are extremely depressed or stressed with regards to the tattoo you may have a chance for funding. Anyone who is to be offered funding will have their case considered by numerous associations and the Primary Care trust will be responsible for the final decision. If it is shown that the tattoo is affecting you confidence wise or causing you problems in your everyday life. You may be the sufferer of constant abuse or ridicule because of your specific tattoo and this can often lead to mental problems and depression. If you do meet all of the guidelines in which the NHS requires you might also be asked to attend a psychological analysis, this would be to ensure that you are actually affected by the tattoo and that you are an honest candidate for NHS coverage.

How would funding work?

You should make your first move by visiting your GP, if you believe you definitely have a case to make and that the NHS might consider your case then your GP will be able to assist. Once it has been decided that your case might be a possibility for funding then your GP will refer you to a clinic which deals with tattoo removal in your area. As tattoo removal is not considered a high priority for the NHS you may find that a consultation fee of between 25 to 30 pounds might be chargeable. Your case will be considered by various boards who will determine whether you are a candidate for coverage and they will finally decide whether they can cover your treatment costs. This might often take a while and you may experience a long wait while your case is considered, if you find that you are approved for the procedure, you may then find that another wait is possible. As the funding for tattoo removal may be quite low in certain areas then you may face a long wait while your specific clinic applies for funding. You should ask your GP or specialist at the clinic you are referred to their estimations on wait times, as they will be much more precise.

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