Cleaning A Hearing Aid

Your ears are naturally warm and waxy, so it's important to keep your hearing aids clean to prolong their life and enable them to work effectively.

When you have your hearing aids fitted, your audiologist will chat to you about cleaning and maintenance and tell you how and when to clean your hearing aids and how to deal with wax. If you avoid cleaning your hearing aids and keeping your ears clean, this can result in the device becoming blocked, which may affect its function.

There are various products, which you can buy, to help make the cleaning process easy and effective; the aim is to prevent the hearing aid from becoming blocked and ensure it works well. You can buy cleaning kits, mini vacuum cleaners and dryers affordably to keep your hearing aid as clean as possible with minimal hassle.

If you're not sure what you need to buy or what you need to do to keep your hearing aids in working order, don't hesitate to ask your audiologist; they will be able to show you some devices, make recommendations and give you advice about cleaning.

When you take your hearing aids out, check them for any debris or wax and then gently brush them using a toothbrush or a cleaning brush. With in the ear hearing aids, it's important to focus on any holes or openings in the hearing aid and to hold the device down, so that any debris falls. Use a wax pick to clean the openings. If you have a behind the ear hearing aid, use a wax pick and a soft-bristled brush to clean the hearing aid and then gently wash the ear mould with warm soapy water; use a dryer to dry off the hearing aid and clear the tubes.

If you have hearing aids, it's generally best to avoid washing your face or showering with them in; it's also a good idea to use hair spray before putting your hearing aids in.

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