Hearing Aids And Wax

Wax is the most common cause of hearing aid problems. As your ears are naturally waxy environments, it can be difficult trying to keep them clean; however, it is important to get into a good cleaning regime to ensure your hearing aids work well and last as long as possible.

It is perfectly normal and healthy to have wax in your ears and this is part of the body's defence mechanism against foreign objects; however, too much wax can cause problems, especially if you wear hearing aids. Wax can get stuck inside parts of the hearing aid, affecting its function and preventing you from hearing clearly.

The best way to keep your hearing aid clear of ear wax is to clean it daily and you can do this by using a small brush, a soft cloth and a wax pick. Be gentle when you clean your hearing aids and if you have any questions or queries at all, don't hesitate to ask your audiologist for advice. You can buy cleaning kits, which are handy and contain various mini tools and separate wax picks, which are specifically designed to clear hearing aids of wax.

When you have your follow-up appointments, your audiologist will usually check your hearing aid and give it a thorough clean.

If you find that you are prone to ear wax build up, try to avoid cleaning your ears with cotton buds or any other objects that are inserted into the ear canal; rather than removing wax, this form of cleaning can actually do more harm than good, as it pushes the wax further down the ear canal. Instead, you can buy products over the counter, which are designed to disperse ear wax safely; ask your GP, audiologist or a pharmacist for advice.

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