Will I Need A Private Hearing Aid For Both Ears?

If you have hearing loss in both ears, the best course of action is usually to wear hearing aids in both ears. Sometimes, hearing in only one ear is affected or there may be a difference in hearing loss between the two ears and in this case, there may be various options available.

If hearing is fine in one ear, but there are signs of hearing loss in the other ear, a CROS hearing aid may be recommended; this type of hearing aid detects sounds from one side (the side without good hearing) and transmits them to the other side (the side that has good hearing). Modern CROS hearing aids use wireless technology, which makes the hearing aid look more discreet than older models, which have a wire to connect the two aids.

BICROS hearing aids may be recommended when a patient has no hearing in one hair and hearing loss in the other ear; they are similar to CROS hearing aids, but they make sound louder in the ear that still has a degree of hearing.

In cases where hearing loss affects both ears, it is preferable to wear two hearing aids, just as you would wear a pair of glasses if vision in both of your eyes were affected. Wearing a hearing aid not only enables you to hear better, but it also improves your spatial awareness and your ability to balance; using just one hearing aid can also make your hearing imbalanced, so you have a ‘good’ side and a ‘bad’ side.

If you are unsure about whether or not you would benefit from using two hearing aids, booking a private hearing test or arranging a test through your GP will help to make the decision easier for you. The results of your hearing tests will be used to form a detailed picture of how well you hear, whether both ears are affected and which treatments would be most beneficial for you.

If you do wish to buy private hearing aids, it is worth looking out for special offers from approved dispensers, as they often have 2 for 1 offers or discounted prices on pairs of hearing aids.

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