Invisible Hearing Aids

One of the most popular demands made by people looking into private modern hearing aids is an aid, which looks as discreet as possible; many people want to enjoy the benefits of wearing a hearing aid without anyone being able to see the aid or the aid being clearly visible when they look in the mirror; invisible hearing aids enable you to do just this and they are an increasingly popular option. Invisible hearing aids are also known as IIC (invisible in the canal) hearing aids.

Invisible hearing aids are very small devices, which sit within the ear canal; this makes them invisible to other people. Many people feel that a hearing aid is a visible sign of their hearing problems and they feel more comfortable in the knowledge that their hearing aid cannot be seen and therefore it is not obvious they have hearing loss.

IIC hearing aids are custom-made to fit comfortably within the ear canal and they use the latest digital technology to provide clear sound and enable you to hear without any worries about what your hearing aid looks like. Generally speaking, IIC hearing aids are best for people with minor or moderate levels of hearing loss; however, your audiologist will be able to advise you based on the results of your hearing tests and your personal preferences.

There are various different brands and manufacturers available; if you decide that you want to go for an invisible hearing aid, your audiologist will be able to talk you through the different models and discuss the pros and cons to help you choose which hearing aid is best for you.

Invisible hearing aids are among the most expensive option on the market, as they use cutting edge technology; prices vary, but you can expect to pay around £1,500- £2,500 per pair.

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