Hearing Aids Support And Aftercare

After you're had your hearing aid fitted, you'll start to experience better hearing, but the service you receive from a private dispenser should not end there. Aftercare and support are very important and ideally, you should see an audiologist periodically to check the condition and function of your private hearing aids and monitor your hearing.

A good aftercare programme should include:

Regular follow-up appointments: the frequency of follow-up appointments varies, but typically, you will be encouraged to attend regular aftercare appointments after you start wearing your private hearing aids. To begin with, it can take time to get used to wearing your hearing aids and follow-up appointments are used to make adjustments to improve the quality of sound, set up programmes and settings, which suit your needs and check the fit of the hearing aids.

Check-ups: routine check-ups are beneficial to check that your hearing aid is working as expected and also to give it a quick once over and a good clean. If your audiologist notices that the hearing aid is in poor condition or there are issues, these can then be corrected to enable you to enjoy your hearing aid to the best of its ability.

Hearing checks: your ability to hear may change over the course of time and it's important to keep an eye on it and to ensure that your hearing aid suits your prescription and provides the necessary level of support. Frequent hearing checks enable your audiologist to monitor your hearing and to make any necessary adjustments to your hearing aid if your hearing has changed. Usually, these appointments are scheduled every 12-18 months and they last around an hour. If you have any questions or concerns about your hearing aids, don't wait until your next appointment; simply call the dispenser and ask for advice.

Repairs and advice: many dispensers offer a repairs and support service, which provides practical help and information if you have problems or questions.

If you need advice about aftercare, you have questions about hearing aids in general or you are thinking about swapping your hearing aid for a different type, your dispenser should be able to help; you can also contact Action on Hearing Loss.

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