Hearing Aid Accessories

If you use hearing aids, there are various accessories you can buy to enhance your experience and keep your hearing aids in good working order. From handy cleaning kits and replacement batteries, to dryers and products to prevent ear wax from building up, there are lots of different additional items that may be of interest.

Cleaning and maintenance kits are a great investment because they usually contain a range of useful tools, which makes cleaning your hearing aids really easy. Kits are available for less than £10 from private hearing dispensers and they commonly contain wax picks, small brushes and cloths. It's important to keep your hearing aids clean to prevent obstructions, which may affect the way your hearing aid works. You can also buy dryers and dehumidifiers to keep your hearing aids dry and storage boxes, which are slightly jazzier than the standard boxes hearing aids usually come in.

Ear wax is a common culprit when it comes to hearing aid problems and you can buy over the counter medications to prevent ear wax from building up; ask a pharmacist or your audiologist or GP for details. Wax is produced to protect the inner ear, but a build-up can obstruct parts of the hearing aid and prevent them from working properly.

If you wear hearing aids, it may be a good idea to ask your audiologist about hearing aid accessories when you have your hearing aids fitted; they will be able to make recommendations based on the type of hearing aid you have and the kinds of accessories that interest you.

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