Waiting For A Private Hearing Aid

Every case is different, but typically, you can expect to wait around 2-3 weeks between your initial consultation and your appointment to fit the hearing aid. Sometimes, the duration may be shorter an others it may be slightly longer; this may depend on the type of hearing aid you choose and also, whether additional specialist hearing tests are required.

When you have your consultation or hearing test, your audiologist will tell you when to expect your hearing aid. Waiting times are usually around 3-6 weeks shorter than with NHS hearing aids; however, in some parts of the country where the service is oversubscribed, there may be an even greater difference.

Waiting times are shorter when you use a private hearing aid dispenser, so if you are desperate for a hearing aid, it may be worth considering going private, rather than using NHS services. NHS waiting times vary across the country, so it is a good idea to contact your local NHS service to ask about average waiting times before you make a decision. According to NHS guidelines, no patient should wait more than 18 weeks between referral to their GP to receiving their hearing aids; if treatment does take longer than this, you may wish to complain to the local commissioning board.

The wait for NHS treatment is usually due to demand, as there are many people who require help with their hearing; the 2-3 week wait with private treatment is due to the time that it takes to make and customise a private hearing aid. When you have you consultation prior to having a private hearing aid fitted, your audiologist will talk through the options with you and they may take some measurements if an ear mould is being created for you; this will help to ensure a comfortable fit.

It is possible to have a private hearing aid, but to have NHS hearing tests; in this case, you will wait for your hearing test appointment to come through (the details will usually be posted to you) and then the results of your tests can be used to ascertain which type of hearing aid will suit you best and you will pay for your hearing aid privately.

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