Cost of Private Hearing Aids

The cost of a private hearing aid varies according to the type of hearing aid you choose and where you get it from; typically, you can expect to pay around £500-£2,000 for a hearing aid if you choose to go private; digital hearing aids are significantly more expensive than analogue aids. Hearing aids are also available on the NHS by means of a long-term loan system; this is provided free of charge and repairs are also usually covered. Private fees vary considerably because of the different types of hearing aid that are available, the varying levels of expertise of the professionals and the differing packages available; some providers will offer an inclusive price, for example, which may seem higher than another clinic, but actually works out cheaper because it includes hearing tests and follow-up care in addition to the aids.

In some cases, it may be possible to claim some or all of the cost of a hearing aid on health insurance; however, you should check the details of your policy carefully, as different policies and providers offer varying levels of cover and exceptions. If you do have health insurance, which covers the cost of buying a new hearing aid, you should check how the claims process work; sometimes, you pay the cost and then claim it back through your insurance provider, while in other cases, the dispensary will deal directly with your insurer.

You may also wish to bear in mind that the price of the hearing aid will probably not include repair costs or replacement batteries, which may mean that you end up paying more if your aid is damaged.

If you do decide to buy a private hearing aid, you may wish to take out insurance to cover the cost of repairs or replacement if it is lost or broken.

Typically, if you do decide to buy a private hearing aid, you can expect to pay more for the latest digital models; however, the NHS does provide digital hearing aids now, so it’s worth seeing what is available in your local area before you decide that you definitely want to pay for a hearing aid. Private digital hearing aids start from around £350 and they can go up to in excess of £2,000. It’s also a good idea to do some price comparison research to see what is out there in terms of special offers; some high street opticians, for example, offer 2 for 1 on hearing aids, so you may end up paying half the price quoted by other providers if you need hearing aids for both ears.

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