What Happens At A Private Hearing Test?

When you arrive for your private hearing tests, you will be welcomed and ushered into the testing room; you will probably be asked to provide some personal details and also to fill in a form, which will provide the audiologist with some more information about your general health, your medical history and specific details relating to your hearing.

There are various tests are available and they are all slightly different; your audiologist will make sure that you are clear how the test works and what you have to do before you begin; if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask.

When you are ready and you have a clear understanding of what the test involves and what you have to do, your audiologist will begin the test. The test may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 60 minutes and you may be asked to complete a series of different tests to determine your ability to hear and interpret different sounds and highlight any issues that affect your hearing. Once you have completed the tests, your audiologist will advise you that the tests are over and you can relax.

The results of hearing tests may be available immediately or after a wait; this depends on the type of test. If the results are ready, your audiologist will discuss them with you and make sure you understand the findings. They can then schedule another appointment at a time that is convenient to you so that you can discuss possible treatment options and decide upon the best course of action going forward. 

Hearing tests are nothing to worry about or feel anxious about and you won’t experience any pain at all. It is important to be as honest and open as possible when you have your tests to ensure the most accurate result; only respond when you hear noises and tell your audiologist if you have any problems with the test or you are unsure what to do.

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