HIV Denial & Fake Cures

There are many conspiracy theories, fake cures and dubious claims when it comes to the topic of HIV. This article seeks to give some of the more common claims widely believed to be false by the professional medical community.

HIV 'cures'

There is currently no cure for HIV that has been accepted by the professional scientific and medical community. Many claims can be found on the internet for treatments that can supposedly cure the disease, none of which have gone through the standard procedure for testing new treatments. These treatments are also unregulated in some cases meaning that they may also be actively harmful to the person taking them.

HIV denial

There are people who deny that HIV can make those infected with the virus ill. This is in spite of the fact that HIV has been directly observed and is scientifically proven to cause immunodeficiency disorder. This has been confirmed using multiple methods of examination, increasing the confidence we can have in these results.

These mistaken beliefs are famous for causing the instigation of faulty policy in some countries most notably South Africa. This has lead to many deaths that may otherwise have been prevented if proper treatment had been provided.

Conspiracy theories and HIV cures

There are those who believe that the government and scientific community are conspiring to prevent an HIV cure being brought to market in an effort to protect the profits of big pharmaceutical companies. This would require such a large scale of cover up and deception as to make it infeasible. According to the international HIV charity Avert, if these people are also selling cures then this is a sure sign of a charlatan.

The scientific community has tested many unpatentable therapies. This disproves many of the claims of profiteering by conspiracy theorists. The infeasibility of many claims or errors in understanding of how drugs are tested shows where these theories come from.

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