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Odaban is an over the counter product that has been developed over nearly 40 years to help those who suffer from hyperhidrosis.  It can be successfully used for most forms of sweat problem and is widely used across the UK as an answer to people’s problems.  Alike to other forms of strong antiperspirant Odaban uses a 20% rate of aluminium chloride within its formula to ensure that hyperhidrosis is prevented.

Odaban spray is the most commonly used Odaban product and is used all over the body, with particularly high success rates for axillary hyperhidrosis, or underarm sweating.  Only one or two sprays are needed, and any excess needs to be wiped away with a tissue.  The spray is applied to the problem areas only, and ought not to be sprayed all over the body unless you suffer from general hyperhidrosis. 

How to Use Odaban Spray

Odaban is very easy to use, and as more products are developed, can be used to treat most sufferers of hyperhidrosis.  Recently hand lotion and foot powder have been developed to combat these forms of hyperhidrosis in a more direct fashion. 

Obadan ought to be applied lightly to very dry skin in the evening.  If you are using Odaban to help with facial sweating then it is best to use a pad instead, as if it gets into your eyes it can cause problems and discomfort.  Some people with sensitive skin and some women also choose to apply odaban to the skin through the use of a cotton pad, allowing less irritation and preventing any excess from settling on the skin.

In the morning you will have to wash off the Odaban, preferably in a shower, and afterwards you can apply any products, such as moisturisers or make up, that you may wish to use.  If you put these on before washing off the Odaban it can create bi-products through the mixing of different chemicals.  This can result in irritation or might compromise the effects of Odaban.

When you first start to use the Odaban sprays you are likely to have to use it every night to prevent your excess sweating.  After a few weeks the need for constant treatment will lessen, and on average most users of Odaban use it overnight once or twice each week. 

Odaban is suitable for use in sensitive areas, as long as you read the instructions and use it sparingly.  Too much could cause problems, and might

Buying Odaban

Odaban is found in most pharmacies within the UK, and is also available online through the Odaban website or via online pharmacies.  Boots, Lloyds and other major pharmacies all stock Odaban. Buying Odaban online is becoming increasingly popular.

Odaban is now available from most large supermarkets, such as Tesco or Asda.  It can be bought alongside your weekly shopping, or you can add it to your shopping if you shop online. 

Your GP can also prescribe you with Obadan, although they will only do so if you suffer from hyperhidrosis.  If you wish to use odaban for any other reason they you will need to buy it either online or from a pharmacy. 

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