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Zeasorb Absorbent Powder is a form of aluminium chloride treatment used to prevent Hyperhidrosis as well as to help with certain skin conditions such as fungal infections, (athletes foot being one well known example), and rashes.  Zeasorb can be used on irritated skin, and is useful as a way of preventing and helping to heal infections of the skin.  Zeasorb Absorbent Powder can be bought online or in shops.

Application of Zeasorb Absorbent Powder

Zeasorb is likely to be advised for use by your doctor for skin infections or sweat problems, and as such they will normally give you directions on how often to use it.  It can also be bought from pharmacies and online.

Zeasorb needs to be applied very regularly, up to twice a day initially, as the infection is reduced and eased.  The powder is dusted over the affected skin, and left to dry out the area and reduce the infection.  You must ensure that the area to be treated is completely dry before dusting the powder over it; this can be achieved using a hairdryer if necessary.

It is very important that you do not inhale or ingest any Zeasorb Absorbent powder, and if you do that you get immediate medical attention. 

If you see an improvement you will need to continue your treatment for the total prescribed time to ensure that the effects are permanent.  It is possible that if you prematurely stop using Zeasorb powder that your skin infection will return after a few days. 

Medical Conditions

If you suffer from any medical conditions, or are taking medication then you ought to seek the advice of your doctor before using Zeasorb.  It is possible that it could react with certain medications, or cause further implications for your medical problem.  Zeasorb powder ought not to be used if you are:

  • Breast feeding
  • Pregnant
  • Trying for a baby
  • Taking a daily prescription or vitamins
  • A food allergy sufferer, or might be allergic to the ingredients within the powder

If you are in any doubt about using Zeasorb Absorbent Powder then it is always a good idea to check with your doctor before you start to use it.

Side Effects of Zeasorb Absorbent Powder

If you use Zeasorb powder as prescribed and in the amounts advised then it is very unlikely to cause you any harm.  The most common risk is that of skin irritation or inflammation most likely caused by a reaction to ingredients within the powder.  If this occurs then you ought to stop using the powder immediately. 

If you happen to ingest or inhale the Zeasorb powder then you must seek immediate medical attention.  If it goes into either the eyes or nose, then you should wash the area thoroughly with cold water. 

Some people suffer a more severe reaction to Zeasorb Absorbent Powder, this is caused by allergies to some of the component parts of the treatment.  If you suffer from either:

  • A tight chest or breathing difficulties
  • A very severe rash or hives
  • Swelling of facial areas, especially the mouth and eyes

Then it is likely that you are having an allergic reaction and you ought to find medical help quickly. 

Cost of Zeasorb Absorbent Powder

The Zeasorb Absorbent powder usually costs around £4 for 50 grams, although the price will vary according to where you buy it.  High street pharmacies are likely to sell it at a higher price whereas online on the Internet, it is possible that you could find it cheaper than elsewhere. 

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