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Magicool is a spray that can help you to keep cool and prevent too much sweating in warm weather.  It looks like a deodorant or antiperspirant, as it comes in a spray can, but this spray can be applied to the face and body to instantly cool your skin.  There is no need to keep the can in the fridge as the formula continues to stay cold within the can.  Magicool can also be used as an aid to help with:

  • Itchy skin
  • Small burns and sunburn
  • Hot flushes

Magicool can also be used as a help for Hyperhidrosis sufferers, helping to prevent excess sweating in hot climates. 

Magicool does not contain any harmful ingredients, with coolants and purified water being the main part of the contents.  When they are sprayed onto the skin they start to evaporate, cooling the surface of the skin. 

Magicool for Hyperhidrosis

Although Magicool will not cure your Hyperhidrosis it can help to alleviate the problem in warm climates.  Using the spray will lower your body temperature, reducing the amount that you sweat.  Magicool can also help to counter the effects of excessive sweating, such as itchy skin or sweat rashes.  These can be bought as specific, targeted version of magicool.

Using Magicool

Magicool can be used by anyone, and is simply sprayed on to the affected area externally.  Hands, feet, face, all can be quickly eased through the spraying of magicool. 

  • Magicool for Heat.  Typically the initial use for magicool was to use evaporation to cool you down in warm climates. 
  • Magicool for Itches.  Magicool plus Itchy Skin and Magicool plus Prickly Heat are used for any form of itchiness, be it due to rashes, insect bites, plant stings or eczema.  It works by balancing the acids on the skin, helping to calm the skin and relieve any discomfort.
  • Magicool for Sores or Broken skin.  The effects of Magicool also allow you to use it as a steralisation method for broken skin, helping to remove any dirt from the skin. 

If you suffer from Hyperhidrosis magicool can help to prevent any discomfort and might even help with your excess sweating. 

Cost of Magicool

Magicool is available both online to buy over the Internet, and in high street pharmacies and in supermarkets.  It will cost about £4 for a 150ml canister, of £5 for the more specialised versions, Magicool plus Prickly Heat or Magicool plus Itchy Skin.  Prices will be variable depending on where you buy the Magicool from.  Online prices are likely to be cheaper online than otherwise although you might have to pay for delivery.  Sometimes if you buy more than one at a time you can also lower the price.

Results for Hyperhidrosis

Magicool will help you by keeping you cooler, lowering your temperature in times in increased heat.  This can also help if you are suffering from irritation or discomfort caused by your Hyperhidrosis.  This is only a temporary effect, as after a while the magicool will wear off and you will need to re-apply it. 

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