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PerspireX is a treatment used to treat excess sweating and is available in two forms, as a roll on or as a lotion.  This is another product that does not require a prescription and can be bought online or at your local pharmacy. The roll on is used to treat underarm Hyperhidrosis, whereas the lotion is advised as an effective treatment for sweating of the palms or feet.  The active ingredient of aluminium chloride creates a plug for the sweat glands, preventing any moisture from being released.  In a couple of days time this plug is removed due to the process of cell formation.  As you shed your skin cells it will also become lost, hence why you will need to reapply the treatment every few days.  This will occur at different rates for different people, so you will need to manage your sweating yourself and decide how often to apply the PerspireX. 

PerspireX is most commonly used to treat excessive sweating on the hands, feet and armpits, although if you suffer from Hyperhidrosis of other body areas, then you can also apply the treatment to these problem sites.  The most important thing to remember is that the use of PerspireX will change the way your body regulates it temperature, so it is important that you only use it on around 10% or less of your total body area.  This ensures that your body doesn't’t overheat due to a lack of sweating.

Application of PerspireX

Although in the long term you will not have to use PerspireX every night, for the first week of treatment you will need to apply it nightly.  You need to apply the antiperspirant to completely dry skin and in moderate quantities.  Two strokes of the roll on is quick sufficient for one nights treatment.  If you are using the hand and foot cream then you will have to use only a small dose.  Using too much PerspireX can create skin irritation.

PerspireX ought to only be applied to dry skin and is best used at night when the sweat glands are less likely to be active so that it can create an effective plug.  Once it has been placed on the skin it must be left to dry naturally, although this ought to only take a short amount of time due to the alcohol in the solution.  In the morning it must be washed off with soap and water. After the initial week of intense treatment you will only need to apply the PerspireX around twice a week. 

When you have put PerspireX on the skin it is important not to use other products until it has been washed off.  This could cause potential irritation.  It is also a good idea not to shave for a day before or after an application of PerspireX for the same reason.

Side Effects of PerspireX

There are few side effects associated with the use of PerspireX, although if you use it too often or in too high a dose then it might cause some skin irritation.  If this is the case try to use less.  If you find that you are still having problems then stop using the treatment.  It might be that you are allergic to one of the ingredients of PerspireX and continued use will only worsen your skin damage. 

How much does PerspireX Cost?

To buy the PerspireX roll on treatment for underarms is about £5.50 for 25ml.  How long this will last you will depend on how often you need to use the antiperspirant.  Some people only use it once a week, whereas others need 3 treatments each week.  It might prove more expensive in some high-street shops, and PerspireX is likely to be cheapest to buy online, although you will also have to pay for delivery charges. 

The PerspireX hand and foot cream costs around £7 for 100ml, again, varying in price depending on where you buy the antiperspirant.  


PerspireX will have an immediate effect, as soon as the treatment is applied the plugs start to form in the sweat glands and your sweat will reduce.  As long as you suffer no irritation to PerspireX you ought to be very satisfied with the results.  Over time the number of treatments that you require will lessen, so you will have virtual dryness for only a few applications. 

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