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Driclor is an antiperspirant product available to help sufferers of hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.  The antiperspirant contains a 20% solution of aluminium chloride, to better manage the levels of sweat that you produce.  The metal oxides block your sweat glands, and end up creating a completely dry environment, no sweat and no smells.

Using Driclor

  • Driclor needs to be applied to completely dry, unbroken skin, and left overnight to work on the sweat glands.
  • You must wash off the driclor in the morning, through bathing or showering, and not re-apply until the next evening
  • For the first couple of weeks you should use Driclor each night, although eventually this can be cut down, allowing you to only apply it once or twice a week to prevent your sweat problems.
  • You can wear your perfume or deodorants throughout the day after using Driclor.


The main risk of Driclor is that of skin irritation or infection.  Driclor uses a roll-on applicator rather than a spray, and this can promote certain bacteria’s, and even spread them to other sites on your body.  Some people may find that their skin is sore after using Driclor, this is due to sensitivity and although it may get better, it might not unless you stop using the product.  Some stinging is normal at first, but this ought to settle down with continued use.

Driclor should not be used near the eyes, or applied in high quantities more than once a day.  It can lead to discomfort and irritation.  It has been noted that Driclor can also discolour your clothes if in direct contact with them, so it is essential that it is washed off in the morning and that the areas being treated are properly dried before you get dressed. 

Cost of Driclor

Driclor costs around £5 to £8 when you are buying it from high street pharmacies, although online you can generally buy it for a few pounds less.  It is available on prescription, but you would have to pay standard NHS prescription rates of £7.20 so it is more likely that your GP will recommend that you buy it elsewhere.

How Effective is Driclor?

Driclor has good results, and can work well for hyperhidrosis sufferers.  It can suspend your sweating for days, and allow you to live normally without having to worry about how much you are sweating.  Generally Driclor is only used for axillary hyperhidrosis due to the application method of the roll-on.  This is the drawback of the system, as many people don’t like the roll-on method and prefer a spray bottle.   

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