Gonorrhoea Guide

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection and it is spread through sexual contact.  Another name that people associate with the infection is “the clap”. It is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and is unfortunately a major health issue especially in the young population. Around 60% of the infections are in young people aged 15-24. Also, around 50% of people with gonorrhoea are also infected with Chlamydia so other STD testing is carried out at the same time as treatment.  It can cause infections in the reproductive tract in women and the urethral tract of men but can also cause throat infections and even be found in the eye. It is spread through a number of ways that involve sexual contact such as via the vagina, penis, anus and mouth. Once you have been infected, it can take around a week for any symptoms to appear although there are exceptions to this rule. In some incidences, symptoms can take up to a month to appear especially in men and in up to 40% of cases in women, there are actually no symptoms at all so the infection can go untreated, leading to serious complications. This means that the infection can go unnoticed and is potentially spread amongst more partners. Gonorrhoea can cause serious irritation in both men and women and symptoms include unusual discharge, a burning sensation when urinating and general discomfort.

Fortunately this infection can be diagnosed and treated relatively quickly which means that 90-95% of the time it can be cured.  Therefore it is important to get yourself tested if you suspect that you may have gonorrhoea. Its spread can be reduced if more care is taken during sexual contact such as wearing a condom.  The treatment for the infection involves a combination of antibiotics, which can now be given within one dosage, and an additional check-up is needed to ensure the antibiotics have successfully killed the infection. It is possible to be re-infected with gonorrhoea so care must be taken if this is to be avoided, as the body cannot build up complete immunity to the bacterium, as there are so many different strains of the microbe.  

What is a gonorrhoea pack?

A gonorrhoea pack is a pack of antibiotics that can now be brought online to treat gonorrhoea. They involve a combination of antibiotics that can be taken in a single dose to get rid of the symptoms. A consultation is needed with an online doctor to ensure that they are treating the right infection but apart from that, it is a very simple way of getting treatment for gonorrhoea quickly and efficiently. As long as an online consultant has confirmed your condition and you are over 18 years of age, then you can purchase the gonorrhoea pack online for a price. The price varies among companies but it is usually around £45.

What does the gonorrhoea pack contain?

It is a pack of antibiotics that includes two different types of drugs. The combination of drugs is needed to ensure that they will kill even the resistant strains of gonorrhoea infections. The first is the Cefixime, which aims to kill the bacterial infection by stopping the cell wall of the bacteria from being synthesised. This means that the bacteria will die. The second antibiotic is called Azithromycin and it stops protein activity within the bacteria, which also kills the bacteria, as they cannot function properly.

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