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Anhydrol Forte is an over the counter antiperspirant treatment, that can be bought online and is mainly used by those who suffer from an excess of sweating, also known as Hyperhidrosis.  The substance comprises high levels of aluminium chloride, a well known solution to sweat problems.  The aluminium chloride serves to clog up the problematic sweat glands, preventing you from producing any sweat through these pores as well as killing any surface bacteria that could eventually cause bad smells.  Although this sounds rather unnatural or painful there are minimal side effects to the use of anhydrol forte, and it can prove a very reliable and successful answer to your sweating problems.

Application of Anhydrol Forte

Anhydrol Forte comes as a roll-on, and you simply roll it over the skin that you wish to treat.  Anhydrol forte ought to only ever be applied to direct skin, not ingested.  If you do happen to swallow some then you ought to seek immediate medical attention. 

Typically people use Anhydrol Forte for armpit, hand or foot sweating, (axillary, plantar and palmar Hyperhidrosis), as it works best on small areas.  The antiperspirant ought to be put onto the skin over night, and then when you wake up it will need to be washed off.  Initially this will need to be done in a cycle of two nights of treatment, two nights of no treatment, although over time your body will require fewer applications in order to manage your sweating.  Some people only use it once a week in order to prevent excess perspiration. 

There are certain things that you will need to do in order to allow the Anhydrol Forte to work to its maximum potential.  These include:

  • Only using the antiperspirant in liberal doses
  • Make sure that the area to which it will be applied is completely dry
  • Avoid placing the antiperspirant near either sore skin or open wounds
  • Try not to shave within a day of the antiperspirant’s application

As long as you stick to the guidelines provided with Anhydrol Forte then the antiperspirant ought to start working with immediate effect with no side effects.

Using Anhydrol Forte with other Antiperspirant Products

When you are using Anhydrol Forte you will not have to use any other antiperspirant or deodorant products.  If you really feel that you have to use something then it is important that you only apply it after you have completely removed any Anhydrol Forte and preferably on days that you are not using it as a treatment.

There are no known reactions to other antiperspirants but it is very important that you don’t over-do use.

Cost of Anhydrol on the Internet & in Shops

One roll on stick of Anhydrol Forte costs around £3 or £4, depending on where you buy it.  Some shops might have offers on, and online pharmacies sometimes have discounts on large orders.  Buying it online is likely to be your cheapest option although you will sometimes have to pay for delivery and will have to wait for it to then arrive. 

Side Effects of Anhydrol

The only real problem that you are likely to encounter when using Anhydrol Forte is that of skin irritation and soreness.  If you suffer from any problematic skin problems then you need to be very careful when using Anhydrol Forte.  If you don’t normally suffer from skin irritation, but find that you are experiencing problems then it could be because you are using it in too high a quantity.  Reducing the amount that you use, of how often you conduct the treatment might ease your irritation. 


Anhydrol Forte has become a very popular treatment for the problem of Hyperhidrosis and is used by many with few side effects.  The results of Anhydrol Forte will occur straight away, and as your body adapts to it you will need to use less and less antiperspirant in order to achieve the same result.  You will experience a real difference in the amount of sweat produced in the area treated, helping to stop your Hyperhidrosis and prevent any bad smells. 

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