Contraceptive Evra Patch Guide

The contraceptive patch is a very effective form of contraception that women can use to protect themselves against pregnancy. If it is used correctly then it has a 99% success rate.  It is a small skin coloured patch that measures approximately 5cm by 5cm that you stick onto your skin. It is beige coloured because this colour does not easily lose colour by general wear and tear. The patch then releases hormones continuously that stop your body from ovulating thereby preventing pregnancy. It must be changed once a week for three weeks and then you must refrain from using it for a week to allow your body a withdrawal bleed. This resembles a period but will usually be a lot lighter and not last for as long as your usual time of the month.  It is relatively easy to use and many women prefer to use it, as you only have to remember to change it once every week.

The contraceptive patch is a good form of contraception and if you are able to use this method, then a doctor will prescribe it for you. Although effective, it will not protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases therefore it is always best to use a condom for extra protection. As long as the patch is used correctly, there should be no issues with it but like many medications, it can cause side effects and does come with health warnings. Certain groups of people such as smokers, diabetics, people with heart disease or people with high blood pressure may not be prescribed the contraceptive patch as it might aggravate these conditions.

It is available through the NHS for free and you can find out more information about what the contraceptive patch is and whether it is the right contraception for you by visiting either your local GP, a sexual health or GUM clinic. You can also buy it online through certain pharmacies but you do need a doctor’s consultation.

The Evra Patch

The Evra patch is the make of contraceptive patch that is the most commonly used. It is given to women to protect them from pregnancy by releasing two synthetic hormones into your blood stream. It is over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy if it is used correctly.  Your doctor prescribes the patch to you after a consultation to ensure that it will not have any adverse affects on your body. It is given to you in a box and you receive one box per cycle. Each box contains three sealed pouches that contain the Evra patch to cover a 4-week period. You wear patches for 3 weeks, changing your patch once a week and then you have a patch free week, which allows your body a withdrawal bleed.  Initially you will be given a 3 months supply and then you need a checkup to ensure that your body is reacting well to this method of contraception.  It is important to remember that although the Evra patch prevents pregnancy, it will not protect you from any sexually transmitted infections.

What does the Evra patch contain?

The Evra patch contains two hormones that are released into your blood stream to prevent pregnancy. Normally your body would produce the hormones oestrogen and progesterone at different times of your menstrual cycle. The Evra patch continuously releases two synthetic derivatives of these hormones into your body. Their names are Ethinylestradiol, which is similar to oestrogen, and Norelgestromin, which is the derivative of progesterone. The patch contains 6mg of Norelgestromin and 0.75mg of Ethinylestradiol. This means that you will be exposed to 60% more oestrogen than you would if you were taking the contraceptive pill. Therefore it is important to have regular checkups with the doctor to ensure that this method of contraception is right for you.

Can you buy the Evra patch online?

You can buy the Evra patch online and it will cost you around £50.00 for 9 patches. You will need to complete a consultation with a doctor online and then the patch will be delivered to you.

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